When you download a resource from the PLR.me Content Library you will receive the material in multiple formats.

Understanding the Formats

All of the PLR.me Content Library resources are delivered in "ready to use" formats, that is you can simply upload the content and use it right away, such as professionally designed PDFs, MP3s, or MP4s.

We also provide complete source files when possible. This allows you to modify, rebrand, and edit the resource to suit your own style and branding.

Source files may include:

PPTX - PowerPoint
KEYNOTE - Apple Keynote
WORD - Word document
PAGES - Apple Pages
TXT - Plain text format

Note: Each product page highlights the specific files you will receive.

Common Questions

Q: What can I do with the "ready to use" files?
A: You may use them with your clients, upload them to SlideShare or sell them as a product. You can use the PLR.me Image Brander or PDF Brander to place your logo on each resource.

Q: What can I do with the "source" files?
A: The source files are for you to modify, edit, add your tone of voice and/or reformat the file to fit in with your brand. Please visit the Inspiration Gallery for some great examples of how others have used the content and made it their own.

Q: Are there any restrictions to what I can do?
A: The source files cannot be sold or passed on to others. Your license allows you to sell the content as your own to your clients, but you cannot transfer the private label license for others to brand as their own. See the full license terms for more information.
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