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I have trouble downloading or unzipping the file

Trouble Downloading

If you are on a mobile device like a phone or tablet, you may have trouble downloading the files because mobile devices like iPhones and iPads cannot unzip .zip files. You need to download free software from the App Store that can unzip the files. Just search for "unzip" in the App Store/Play Store.

If you are on a computer you can try to re-download the same file again from My Downloads. There is no charge for re-downloading any product you have already purchased.

If the download does not begin from your computer, please contact us.

Trouble Unzipping

Some clients get an error when attempting to unzip the file on Windows machines: "The destination path is too long" or "File path too long"

Windows has a known issue when unzipping files. This error is caused when you use Windows Explorer to extract files and it encounters a file path that exceeds the maximum character limit.

Thankfully it's an easy fix!

How to resolve this issue

Option 1: Move the zip file to your desktop and try extracting the zip file there.
Option 2: If that didn't work, go to: Connecting Dropbox.
Option 3: Use this free alternate unzipping tool called: 7-Zip, that can handle long file paths.

IMPORTANT: After installing 7-zip, RIGHT CLICK on the zipped file, then click "7-Zip".

Here's a YouTube video showing how to unzip a file in Windows using 7-Zip :

Updated on: 12/05/2020

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