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Can I re-download a resource?

Resources that you download from the Content Library can always be re-downloaded at no extra cost, even if you cancel your membership.

How to Re-Download a Resource

Step 1: Click on the down arrow (top right side of the navigation bar)

Tip: Make sure you are logged in.
Step 2: Click on My Downloads from the menu.

Step 3: Locate the resource you wish to re-download.

Tip: Resources are sorted by date order, with your most recent download shown first.
You can download the resource to Dropbox (if connected) or to your hard drive

Common Questions

Q: Is it possible to know if I have downloaded a resource already?

A: Yes! If you have already downloaded a resource it will appear greyed out with a green check mark. See below:

Q: Does it cost me anything to re-download a resource?

A: No! You are only charged once for the download. After that you can download the resource as many times as you wish.

Q: If I have downloaded a resource which is contained in a bundle do I get a discount?

A: Bundles are already heavily discounted. Please see the Bundles help article for more information.

Updated on: 21/10/2019

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