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Bundles Content Bundles are collections of related products that we have put together. Each bundle will have a specific theme and will contain a number of resources.

For example:

Inspiration From Winners to Build a Life You'll Love - Course Bundle - This is one of our full course bundles that provide the course, slide decks, sales page, Facebook ads and more.
Career & Job Bundle 3 - 64 resources to help you share and publish resources in this niche.
Goal Setting & Achievement Bundle 3 - Over 55 resources covering this evergreen topic.
Overcoming Obstacles Course Bundle - Complete course bundle with emails, sales page, slide decks, landing page and more.

Here's What Typical Bundles Look Like

How to Use Bundles

Preload your WordPress with content using the Content Auto Loader members-only.
Create an offline seminar based on the theme of the bundle.
Run a paid live coaching program online, record the webinars, and then sell the recordings.
Develop a course based around a bundle, record it, and upload it to one of the many online course websites.
Create a membership site based on the bundle content and charge either a monthly or annual fee for access.

Common Questions

Q: What is the advantage of downloading a bundle?

A: Great question! There are a number of advantages to downloading bundles:
Time saver – When you download a bundle we have done all the hard work! We have gathered together complimentary and related resources so that you don't need to spend time searching
Credit saver – Downloading bundles actually saves you credits. We did the hard work for you and now we want to save you a few credits too! The savings can be from 15% to 35% depending on the bundle

Q: Do the different bundles contain the same content?

A: Most bundle contains unique content not found in any other bundle, however the "Content Calendar Bundles" bundles (i.e. "Hug Your Cat Day" or "Black Friday Bundle") associated with our Content Marketing Calendar may have duplicates across bundles.

TIP: If you want to hide all Content Calendar Bundles (and avoid seeing any duplicates), uncheck the "Content Calendar Bundles" box on the sidebar:

Q: What if I already have some content from the bundle, do I get a discount?

A: Unfortunately not. Since bundles are already discounted we can't offer any other discount if you have already downloaded some of the content found inside the bundle. But typically if you only have a couple items in the bundle, it's still substantially cheaper to download the bundle because of the discount.

Q: How are bundles delivered?

A: If you have connected Dropbox the bundle will be downloaded to your Dropbox and unzipped. If you download to your computer it will be downloaded as a zip file with all products inside the zip file.

Updated on: 17/11/2020

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