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How will my content be delivered?

Your PLR content is available for immediate download via zip files or directly to your Dropbox account. You get all source files as well as the finished product to brand and sell as your own. See: What exactly do I get when order a resource?.

There are two ways to download a resource shown below.

Downloading a PLR Resource

From the product tile

A resource may be downloaded by clicking on the download icon on the tile :

From the resource page

A resource can be downloaded either to your local computer or saved to Dropbox (if you have connected it):

Note: In order to save to Dropbox you must have authorized access. See: Connecting Dropbox

Common Questions

Q: What is the difference between Download and Save to Dropbox?

A: When you click download the resource will be downloaded as a zip file to your computer. If you save to Dropbox the resource is unzipped and saved directly in your Dropbox account.

Q: How to I authorize Dropbox?

A: See: Connecting Dropbox

Q: Can I re-download resources?

A: Yes! See: Can I re-download a resource?

Updated on: 21/10/2019

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