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Virtual Fax Machine

The Virtual Fax Machine is a members-only tool that allows you to send a fax to any fax machine worldwide.

How to use the Virtual Fax Machine

Step 1: Prepare your fax.

Before sending a fax you must prepare it in the correct format.
The Virtual Fax Machine supports PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, RTF, TXT, JPG, and PNG files.

Step 2: Type in the number of the receiver.

Tip: Ensure you type in all necessary area codes, or international codes if sending outside of the United States.

Step 3: Email & Company.

Enter in your email address and or company name (optional)

Tip: Although this is optional it is good practice so that the receiver knows who the fax is from.

Step 4: Send Fax.

Click on Send Fax to send your fax.

Common Questions

Q: How do I get access to the Virtual Fax Machine?

A: All Content Marketing Tools are available for monthly and annual members.

Q: Can I check the status of my Fax?

A: Yes! Just below the Send Fax button there is a link named Check the Status. Clicking this link will show you the status of your fax.

Q: What type of files work best?

A: Although many file types are supported it is best to use txt, PDF, or Word documents

Q: Can I fax just within the USA/Canada?

A: No! As long as you have the full international fax number you can fax anywhere in the world.

Q: Is my information safe?

A: Yes! Here at we are very aware of the privacy and security that has to be in place. Your faxes are safe.

Q: Is there a limit to the amount of faxes I can send per day?

A: Yes there is a limit. That limit is 3 successful faxes per day.

Updated on: 21/10/2019

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