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Perfect Email Formatter

The Perfect Email Formatter Tool is a members-only tool that allows you to create perfectly formatted text emails that look great on desktop and mobile devices.

Sending emails is the life blood of any business. However, what you want to make sure is that the email looks right in the receivers inbox.

What is the correct width of an email?

That a perfect size width for an email is 400 - 600 px wide.

Why is this important?

Because less than 400 px and your email will look too "narrow." More than 600 and your email will look too wide and lines may end up breaking at the wrong place depending on the viewers email .

A badly formatted email will not look visually appealing and will make people ignore, delete or unsubscribe from your emails

How to use the Perfect Email Formatter Tool

Step 1: Copy & Paste
Grab the text of your email and copy & paste it into the email body text box.

Step 2: Format email
Adjust the formatting using the inbuilt tools.
Add any links.

Step 3: Generate HTML
Click on Format. You are now presented with the html code that you must copy and paste into your auto responder.

Tip: Most autoresponders allow you to either create the email by typing and formatting, or by clicking on source and pasting in the html code. If you are not sure contact your autoresponder service.

Common Questions

Q: Is the Perfect Email Formatter Tool included in my subscription?

A: The Content Marketing Tools are available for monthly and annual members.

Q: How do I paste the html into my email auto responder?

A: Normally when creating the email you will have the opportunity to either type it in directly using a normal screen or you will have the option to paste html code (sometimes called source or shown as an icon <>.) Click on that icon and paste in the code. If you are unsure contact your email auto responder provider.

Updated on: 21/10/2019

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