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PayPal Link Generator

There may be times when you need to quickly create a PayPal link for a client who decides to book a personalized coaching package. If you are on a call with them, you would have to log into PayPal, create a button, put it on a webpage and sending the web page to your client.

With this PayPal tool you can create payment links on the fly.

What does the PayPal Link Generator tool do?

This tool allows you to create a link for payment, rather than having to create a button from within PayPal itself.

Why is this Useful?

Imagine you are talking to a client and they agree to buy a personalized coaching package from you. You only have standard coaching packages on your website but want to take payment while the client is in a purchasing mood.

All you need to do is go to the PayPal Link Generator page and fill in the details and then send that customized link to your client - that's it! No need to sign into PayPal!

How to Use the PayPal Link Generator

A client asks you if they can split the payment - you can create a link for them for them requesting half of the payment (Note: you will need to ensure they pay you the second half - it won't automatically re-bill them.)
You create a personalized package outside of your normal coaching packages - you can easily create a customized link for your clients
The client asks if they can split payment over two credit cards - you can create a custom link for each payment.

How to use the PayPal Link Generator tool?

Step 1: Email
Enter in your PayPal email address (this is very important.)

Step 2: Country
Normally you can leave this as United States.

Step 3: Amount
How much is the service you are providing.

Step 4: Currency Code
Select the currency you wish to request the payment in.

Step 5: Item Name
What is the name of this item, i.e. personalized coaching package - this will appear on the clients credit card/PayPal receipt.

Step 6: Item ID
If you wish you can enter in a unique item ID

Step 7: Do Not Allow Note
If you don't want them to include a note you can put a check in the box here (A note is any special instructions they wish to include.)

Step 8: Thank You Page URL
This is a web page which they will be sent to after payment. This page may include instructions on what happens next - e.g. I will contact you in the next 2 hours to arrange our first session. (Tip - it is good to have a default thank you page set up which covers all transactions. Simply create a page with a url like

Step 9: Cancel URL
if the person cancels and decides not to purchase your product they will be sent to this page.

Step 10: IPN URL
Normally only used if you want to sign them up to your mailing list, a membership etc (You can normally ignore this setting.)

Step 11: Advanced Settings
Sandbox. This is if you wish to test the payment button (Normally not used.)

Common Questions

A: The tools are available for monthly and yearly plan members.

Q: Is this tool safe to use?

A: Yes! It is a custom link that creates a purchase request for you. You don't need to provide your PayPal details on the generator page or at any point in the process.

Q: Will I actually get paid by PayPal?

A: Yes, as long as you have filled in your PayPal email address correctly. This is very important. It must be your PayPal email address that you use for your business.

A: Yes, if you were to copy and paste the link and save it then you could use this at any time.

Updated on: 21/10/2019

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