The Auto Slide Deck Tool is a members-only tool that allows you to create beautiful PowerPoint presentations with royalty free stock photos and attractive fonts in just minutes.

These slides can be used for webinars, presentations uploaded to, or as part of your coaching videos!

How to Use the Auto Slide Deck Tool

Step 1: Prepare content
The key to successful slides is to have one line of text per slide. In a Word, Page, or text document create your content one line at a time (remember short sentences are a must)

Step 2: Copy & Paste content
Copy the content and paste it into the Auto Slide Deck tool. Note: you must be logged in and be a monthly or annual member.

Step 3: Generate
Click on the Generate button - our system will generate an amazing slide presentation for you.

Step 4: Download
Click on the download button to download your presentation:

Tip: Click on the advanced settings to have more control over the images, the overlay color, fonts, and text alignment!

Common Questions

Q: Is the Auto Slide Deck Tool included in my subscription?
A: The Content Marketing Tools are available for monthly and annual members.
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