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Video Sales Letter Slides Video Sales Letter Slides are a great shortcut to producing your own sales and marketing materials.

We offer these video sales letter slides as an optional add-on for our PLR courses. Just download the slides, read the text aloud and record your screen.

Here's What a Typical Video Sales Letter Looks Like

Format and Length of PLR Video Sales Letter Slides

Each video sales letter presentation varies in length, but are generally between 100-150 slides.

Video sales letter slides come in the following format:

PDF (designed and ready for you to record)
PPTX (fully editable, formatted perfectly)

How to Use PLR Video Sales Letter Slides:

Record a powerpoint video to add your own voice to the video sales letter slides (don't worry we have all the top converting content written for you).
Send the slides to a voice over artist and have them record you a new VSL.

Common Questions

Q: Are the video slides/video sales letter included in the course?

A: If you download the course bundle yes, however, if you only download the course then you will have to also download the sales video and or the slides. Remember bundles save you research time and credits!

Q: Can you help me re-record the sales video?

A: At this time we don't offer this service. In order to re-record the sales video you will need to download the slides and then record the sales video with your voice.

Updated on: 20/10/2019

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