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Assessments & Quizzes Assessments & Quizzes are a great way to get your clients to reflect on various aspects of their life. Offering an initial assessment helps to direct the coaching sessions to their specific needs.

Here's What Typical Assessments & Quizzes Look Like

Format and Length of PLR Assessments & Quizzes

Assessment & quizzes vary in length from 1 to 4 pages long and are typically available in the following formats:

Apple Pages

How to Use PLR Assessments & Quizzes:

Use as an intake assessment of a client.
Use as a lead generation tool to attract possible clients.

Common Questions

Q: Are there follow up resources for the quizzes and assessments?

A: Yes! Many of our quizzes and assessments form part of a larger volume of material - please look at the related resources on the right hand side of the resource description page.

Updated on: 21/10/2019

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