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Journals Journals are a popular way to encourage reflection in your clients. You can publish a physical version of your journal or sell a digitally fillable PDF to your clients.

Here's What Typical Journals Look Like

Format and Length of Journals

Each journal is typically 40+ pages in length. Each journal comes with a high resolution, printable PDF version, but also a fillable PDF which allows your clients to fill this journal using Adobe Acrobat Reader or any PDF reader.

Journals come in the following format:

PAGES (fully editable, formatted with lists, bolding and headers)
PDF (designed and ready to brand, print or giveaway)
DOCX (fully editable, formatted with lists, bolding and headers)
A video tutorial is also included to show you how to get the maximum out of the journal.

How to Use PLR Journals

Print this journal as a physical book and sell it on your website, Amazon, or in your office.
Using other resources, create an offline event and print and include the journal in the attendee pack.
Give coaching clients access to the digital fillable version of the journal as a bonus.

Common Questions

Q: Can I create my own journals?

A: Yes! As a bonus we provide you with a free video on how to create your own fillable forms so you can create your own journals.

Updated on: 20/10/2019

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