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Courses, Coaching Programs & Workshops Courses, Coaching Programs & Workshops give you all the resources you need to run a successful coaching program or course.

Here's What Typical Courses, Coaching Programs & Workshops Look Like

Format and Length of PLR Courses, Coaching Programs & Workshops

Each course comes with a number of core modules which contain individual lessons about the topic. Each module also comes with a summary description and quiz. Each lesson comes with additional resources, such as affirmations, checklists, reflections and worksheets to help reinforce the learning.

Courses/Workshops typically comes with the following files:

PDF (designed and ready to brand, print or giveaway)
DOCX (fully editable, formatted with lists, bolding and headers)
PNG/JPG (promotional graphics for your course)
PSD (allow you to edit the design of the promotional graphics)

How to Use PLR Courses, Coaching Programs & Workshops

Use the course material to record an online version of the content and sell as a mid-ticket item for $297 or more.
Organize an offline seminar and use the material as is.
Create a weekend retreat and teach a number of modules each day.

Common Questions

Q: Do I get everything I need?

A: You get everything you need to use the content to create a course or workshop. If you download the course bundle you will also get the email sequence, lead magnet, landing page, sales page, facebook ads, and more.

Q: How do I get the sales page and other material?

A: The sales page and other materials can be downloaded separately or as part of the course bundle.

Q: What is the advantage of downloading the bundle?

A: You get all marketing materials to help you promote the course both as an offline or online course. You will receive Facebook Ads, Lead Magnets, Video Sales Letter Slides and more.

Q: Are there any restrictions to using this course?

A: If the course comes with a video version of the course, then you should not upload the this to online course sites such as Udemy, Teachable etc, as these sites want to ensure that it is you who is giving the course (they check this during their verification process.) For all other course you may use them as per the licence agreement.

Updated on: 21/10/2019

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