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Affirmation Reflections Affirmation Reflections encourage your clients to reflect on a particular aspect of their life. These affirmation reflections can really help your clients gain personal insights and strengthen their self-image and confidence.

Here's What Typical Affirmation Reflections Look Like

Format and Length of PLR Affirmation Reflections

All affirmation reflections are between 1 and 2 pages long and fully formatted and ready to use.

Affirmation reflections come in the following format:

PDF (designed and ready to brand, print or giveaway)
DOCX (fully editable, formatted with lists, bolding and headers)
TXT (no formatting, simple text)

How to Use PLR Affirmation Reflections

Use to deepen the client's understanding of their challenges.
Use as a reflective handout at the end of a webinar.
Give to clients so that they can discuss their thoughts at the next coaching session.
Record meditative reflection audios.
Read the affirmations aloud on your podcast.
Record affirmation relaxation videos and post it on YouTube.

Common Questions

Q: Can I compile these into an ebook?

A: Yes! You could take a number of these affirmation reflections and compile them into an ebook all based around a certain topic or theme.

Updated on: 20/10/2019

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