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Video Coaching Programs Video Coaching Programs offer pre-recorded video versions of the course. Currently we have one course that comes with a full video version. All you need to do is download the videos and upload them to your website, membership site, or course building software.

Here's What Typical Video Coaching Programs Look Like

Format and Length of PLR Video Coaching Programs

The video course is the recorded version of the course content. This course consists of 6 modules with a total of 49 lessons.

The Video Course come in the following format:

MP4 (ready to upload)
MP3 (audio version)
ScreenFlow (Editable video source files)

How to Use PLR Video Coaching Programs

Sell access to the video course on your site.
Create a membership site and sell each module as an individual course.

Common Questions

Q: Can I upload this course to Udemy, Teachable etc?

A: Please read the guidelines for each of these sites with regard to uploading of videos. Most of these sites do not allow you to upload a video course if you did not record it.

Updated on: 20/10/2019

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