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Sales Pages sales pages are available for every course and are written by top copywriters and designed by our expert web developers.

The sales pages have been written and designed to ensure that it engages and excites your audience so they can make an informed decision and order your courses and offers.

Here's What Typical Sales Pages Look Like

Format and Length of PLR Sales Pages

Each sales page is delivered with all the necessary images, html, css and fonts.

The following items are included:

HTML (the actual code of the page)
CSS (the various styles for the page)
JS (necessary scripts to make the page function)
JPG/PNG/SVG (images)
FONTS (necessary fonts to make the page display correctly)
WORD (sales page text, if you want to create your own sales page in your favorite page editor)

Common Questions

Q: Can I install this on WordPress?

A: At this time, our sales pages are not coded for WordPress.

Q: Do you provide an install service?

A: At this time we don't provide an install service. We recommend you contact your webmaster or technical contact of your website for assistance.

Updated on: 20/10/2019

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