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Product Showcase Tool

The Product Showcase Tool is a members-only tool that allows you to easily create a "page-spread" graphic of your PDFs.

The Product Showcase Tool Creates Graphics Like This

Why use the Product Showcase Tool?

Before a person buys they like to see what they are getting. In fact you may have already seen this tool in action on our site!

Yes! When you go to view a report you see the contents of the report in an image showing a thumbnail of all the pages, this is exactly what the Product Showcase tool does!

How to Use the Product Showcase Tool

Step 1: Upload the PDF
Upload a PDF you wish to showcase (Tip: It must be in PDF format.)

Step 2: Settings
Decide on the size of the image that you want to create - 900 px is find for most web pages (if using this in an email you could reduce it down to between 400 - 600 px.
Decide on the number of pages you want to show on each line.
Select the background to be either white or transparent.

Tip: Uploading one PDF will showcase all pages in the document. Uploading multiple PDFs will showcase only the first page of all PDFs.

Step 3: Generate
Click Generate.
Scroll down and click on the Download PNG button.

Common Questions

Q: Is the Product Showcase Tool included in my subscription?

A: The Content Marketing Tools are available for monthly and annual members.

Q: Can I only use reports or eBooks?

A: No! You can use any PDF you wish as long as it has a couple of pages in it. For example you can use our slide decks and create a product showcase with them. You can also upload multiple PDFs and create a grid-style showcase of all the front covers of the products (great to showcase the bonuses your clients get!).

Q: Can I just use this on a web page?

A: No! You can share the image in emails, social media, webinar slides, or wherever you like!

Updated on: 21/10/2019

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