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Inspirational Graphics & Wallpapers Inspirational Graphics & Wallpapers are a great way to catch people's attention via striking visual imagery. Our inspirational graphics and wallpapers combine both a striking visual image with a thought provoking quote.

Here's What Typical Inspirational Graphics & Wallpapers Look Like

Format And Length of PLR Inspirational Graphics & Wallpapers

Each inspirational graphic or wallpaper is delivered as an image, in a variety of sizes in JPG format.

Many of our inspirational graphics also come with the correct size for various social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter.

How to Use PLR Inspirational Graphics & Wallpapers

Post it on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter or other social media channels
Allow clients to use on their computer, or other devices, as a wallpaper
Create a motivational book with the images and allow people to reflect on them
Create a wall calendar or productivity planner with each month having a different image

Common Questions

Q: Can I download just the image/edit the image and place my own quote on it?

A: Due to licensing restrictions we can't provide the original blank image, however you could place your own watermark on the image.

Q: Can I compile the images together in a photo book/inspirational journal?

A: Yes! We encourage you to come up with the most creative ideas possible to help you, your business and your clients.

Q: Can I add my branding or logo to the images?

A: Yes! In fact we encourage you to take a look at our Image Brander which can help you brand the images quickly in one go.

Updated on: 20/10/2019

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