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How do I cancel my account? What happens if I cancel?

You can cancel your account by visiting your billing page.

What happens when you cancel?

Upon cancellation any unused credits (and access to the members only tools) will automatically expire on your billing date. So we recommend using your credits before you cancel, or you can keep your unused credits by signing up for a downgrade option during the cancellation process.

If you would not like to renew, please cancel your plan prior to your renewal date from your Billing page as there are no refunds on renewals.

Important: There are no refunds on automatic monthly or annual renewal subscription payments.

With annual plans, we send a renewal reminder 14 days prior to the renewal. We are not responsible if this message is accidentally deleted or marked as spam.

See below for the renewal reminder email that is sent 14 days prior to your renewal. The subject is: ⚠️ [] Your Annual Plan is about to renew

Renewal Reminder Email

Tip: If you are thinking about cancelling but want to have some credits for future use, we recommend purchasing the members-only discounted credits from the My Credits page.

These additional members-only credits are greatly discounted and are only available while you have an active subscription. Plus, these additional members-only credits do not expire, even if you cancel your membership.

Updated on: 15/09/2021

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