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Content Collections Content Collections are an ideal way for you to "bookmark" or "favorite" a list of resources. As you search and discover content you can add the resource to a collection that you create. Think of a collection as a list of resources you want to organize and download for later use.


Favorites are the default collection. Your favorites will always remain private and cannot be publicly shared.

Private Collections

You can tell that a collection is private because of the "Lock" icon. Private collections are your own personal lists of PLR resources and they cannot be shared with others. At any time, you can make a private collection, public by clicking the "Lock" icon.

Note: You can see your collections on the My Collections page.

Public Collections

You can tell that a collection is public because of the "World" icon. Public collections can be shared with others using the hyperlink. Just click the "link" icon to get your share link. We also feature Public Collections on our Featured Collections page.

Note: You can make a public collection, private by clicking the "World" icon.

How to Create a Content Collection

Step 1: Find a resource you want to add to a collection.

Step 2: Click on the "+" icon
On the product tile, click on the "+" icon. It is located to the right of the download arrow.

Clicking on this icon will bring up the Collection Menu

Tip: You can also click "Add To" on any product page to bring up the Collection Menu

Step 3: Select or Create a Collection
Add your resource to your Favorites collection or:
If you have not yet created a collection, click on + Create new collection.

Tip: Give your content collection a name and then either set it to Private (only you can see it) or Public (anyone can see it).

How to Use Content Collections

Research - Ideal for researching a theme that you want to explore or develop. For example, you may want to develop a seminar about Corporate Culture - as you browse just add the relevant resources to your collection.
Development - Once you have added products to your collections, you can quickly develop your course, webinar, seminar or offer.

Common Questions

Q: Can I download a collection?

A: At this time collections are currently used for you to create lists of related resources in one place. You will need to download each resource individually.

Q: What's the difference between a content collection and a bundle?

A: Collections are created by members. Bundles are created by the team and you can download all items in a bundle at once. See this article explaining bundles

Q: How to I access my collections?

A: Click on the down arrow (top right side of the navigation bar) and click My Collections.

Q: Can I change the visibility of a collection?

A: Yes! At any time you can go to My Collections and click on the "Lock" or "World" icon to change the visibility of the collection.

Q: Can I change the name of my collection?

A: Of course! Just click on the "Pencil" icon to edit the name of the collection.

Q: Can I see if a resource is in a collection?

A:Yes! When you go to add a resource, if it is already in a collection you will see a tick mark beside it:

Q: How can I see all the resources in a collection?

A: View the My Collections page.

Updated on: 21/10/2019

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