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How does the free account work?

We want you to take for a test drive and see the amazing done-for-you content we have to offer.

When you create your free account you get 2 free download credits each month.

What are the limitations with a free account?

While you can see the entire library of brandable resources without limits, with a free account there are two main limitations:

You can only download items that are 2 credits or less.
Free credits do not rollover and expire monthly.

Tip: You can use the credit slider on the sidebar to display products based on credit value. You can see all PLR Products that are 2 credits or less...

What can I get for 2 credits?

2 articles & blog posts (with over 4,400 to choose from!), or...
2 affirmation reflections (choose from over 3,600!), or...
2 checklists or worksheets (hundreds to choose from), or...
2 inspirational graphics that you can post on social media or your blog (over 2,500 to choose from!), or...
1 action guide that make for perfect lead magnets and content upgrades (over 840 to choose from!)

As you can see, there's a lot of PLR resources to choose from with your 2 free credits a month.

Updated on: 18/10/2019

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