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My Downloads

At any time you can review and re-download any products previously purchased from

Tip: There is no charge for re-downloading an item you have previously downloaded.

How to Access My Downloads

Step 1: My Account
Click on the down arrow (top right side of the navigation bar)
Click on My Downloads.

Step 2: Find the Product you Wish to Re-Download
You will see all of the items you have downloaded, there may be multiple pages.

Step 3: Select Download Location
If you have connected your Dropbox account, you can download directly to Dropbox.
Or click the download icon to download the item as a zip file to your local computer

Common Questions

Q: Am I charged again if I re-download an item?

A: No you are only charged the first time you purchase the item, after that you can re-download the same product as many times as you wish.

Updated on: 21/10/2019

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