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Checklists Checklists are short documents which allow your clients to assess their skills within a particular discipline. All documents are expertly written and professionally designed.

Here's What A Checklist Look Like

Format and Length of PLR Checklists

Each checklist is typically 1 - 2 pages in length and comes in a number of formats:

PAGES (fully editable, formatted with lists, bolding and headers)
PDF (designed and ready to brand, print or giveaway)
DOCX (fully editable, formatted with lists, bolding and headers)
PNG/JPG (Graphic you can use on social media or on your site)

How to Use Checklists

Giveaway the checklist prior to coaching sessions to give an overview of the areas they need to work on.
Use the checklist as a lead magnet to get people to join your mailing list.
Add it as a bonus for your coaching programs, webinars, and courses.

Common Questions

Q: Can these checklist be given away?

A: Yes! You can give it away in exchange for an email address, or offer it as a bonus in your membership site, course, or webinar.

Q: Once a person signs up what would be the next step?

A: We recommend having a funnel in place so once your prospect signs up to your list, you can send them the checklist and encourage them to get on a call with you to discuss their results, which would then lead into a paid coaching call.

Updated on: 20/10/2019

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