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Can I use content as is?

Yes, you most definitely can use the content as-is!

When you purchase a license to the Content Library, you can brand, giveaway or sell the material with your name or business as if you had created it. And you can do this without paying any royalties or fees. It’s that simple.

Boosting The Value

Remember that first and foremost, your site should be a valuable resource for your prospects and customers.

That’s why we always recommend you make the content your own and rewrite the content so it’s relevant to your audience. Obviously, the more relevant the content is, the more likely your client will enjoy it and share it with others.

Tip: It can be as simple as re-writing the title, adding your own intro, stories, commentary, examples, or summary.

You can also transform the content into other formats – audio, video, graphics, live events, webinars, and so on.

Check out our Content Marketing Tools, which can help you re-brand the Articles & Blog Posts, Reports & Ebooks and also the Inspirational Graphics & Wallpapers.

Updated on: 21/10/2019

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