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Are other people using the done-for-you content?

Just like stock photos can be used by others, the done-for-you content is the same. Even though licensed content is used by some of the top businesses and health and wellness experts – and even though it’s literally everywhere across different mediums online and offline – it might seem a little foreign.

The beauty of licensing is that once you own a license, you can make the material completely your own.
You can add your brand, colors, voice, examples, and stories.

And when you make these changes, it ends up looking totally different.

Honestly, we’ve been shocked by what our clients are doing with the content. It becomes completely unrecognizable. If they hadn’t told us the source of their content was from, we never would have guessed! We featured some of these case studies in our Content Inspiration Gallery.

So don’t worry about what others are doing.

Stay in your lane. Inject your personality. Identify with your audience. Your audience will love it!

Updated on: 21/10/2019

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