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WP Swipe & Deploy

This is an exclusive tool available only to active monthly and annual members

The right headline can capture the attention of the visitor and practically force them to read your article!

One of the biggest challenges that professionals have is writing an engaging headline that stands out. The content of the article may be amazing, but if you can't grab the persons attention they will not read your article.

You could spend hours going through copywriting courses, downloading swipe files, or you could use our "swipe file" of templates.

Introducing the WP Swipe & Deploy plugin.

What does WP Swipe & Deploy do?

This tool comes with 500 swipe files. These are professionally written headlines that can be used as titles for your blog post or sales letters.

All you need to do is find a title that fits with your article or audience and then fill in the blanks, or use the structure of the headline and come up with your own variation.

Important Note: The latest version of WordPress has a different editing/writing screen. You may need to install the classic editor plugin.

Downloading and Installing WP Swipe & Deploy

Download the zip file – do not extract the zip file (On the Mac it right click and select Download Linked File to ensure that the file does not automatically unzip)
Log into your WordPress Dashboard
Click Plugins on the left hand menu
Click Add New
Click Upload Plugin
Click Select File and find and select the zip file called
The plugin will now be installed
Click on Activate to activate the plugin

How to use WP Swipe & Deploy

When you create a new page or post, you will see an area above the text Add Title
Use the left and right arrows to find a headline
Click Copy Title To Clipboard
Press CTRL + V to paste the title into the title area
That's it!

Common Question(s)

Q: Is the Swipe & Deploy included in my subscription?

A: The WordPress plugin tools are available for monthly and annual members.

Q: I downloaded the plugin but only see a folder not a zip file. What did I do wrong?

A: Some computers may unzip the contests of zip files automatically. Go back to the download page, right click on the download button and select Download Linked File.

Q: Why can't I see the Swipe & Deploy Suggestions?

A: If you see the suggestions when writing a blog post/page, this is most likely due to you having the latest version of WordPress. You may need to install another plugin called Classic Editor. This plugin will then allow you to see the Swipe & Deploy suggestions.

Q: Can I use this on plugin any site?

A: You can use this on any WordPress site that you personally own.

Q: Can you help install and configure this plugin for me?

A: We do not currently offer installation services.

Updated on: 22/10/2019

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