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Content Auto Loader

This is an exclusive tool available only to active monthly and annual members

Automatically schedule content into the future – or even backdate your blog!

Ideally you should publish content on your website on a consistent and regular basis, but this takes time and commitment.

With the exclusive WordPress plugin: Content Auto Loader, you can automate the whole content posting process on your WordPress site.

You can even "backdate" your posts to fill up your blog and add "age" to your site!

What does Content Auto Loader do?

This WordPress plugin allows you to upload a zip file with any number of articles in DOCX or TXT format and schedule multiple blog posts at once. You can schedule the posts for a future date or even a date in the past, and then set a posting interval – for example: schedule the post every 120 hours (every 5 days).

You can also upload the content as drafts so you can go in and edit the material before it goes live.

Important Note: The latest version of WordPress has a different editing/writing screen. You may need to install the classic editor plugin.

Downloading and Installing Content Auto Loader

Download the zip file but do not extract the zip file. (on Mac it right click and select Download Linked File to ensure that the file does not automatically unzip)
Log into your WordPress Dashboard
Click Plugins on the left menu
Click Add New
Click Upload Plugin
Click Select File and find and select the zip file called
The plugin will now be installed
Click on Activate Plugin to activate the plugin
From the main menu on the left hand side click on Content Auto Loader
Using your username and password to validate and fully activate the plugin

That's it you're ready to start using the plugin!

How to use the Content Auto Loader

Find and download all the articles you wish to upload
Find the txt or docx version of each article (you can only upload the text or docx version)
Put all the articles into a folder and then zip them so you end up with a .zip file
From the main menu on the left hand side click on Content Auto Loader
Click on Choose File
Upload the zip file with all your content
Click Upload
Select a start and end date (start date can be in the past)
Select what days you want to post on
Decide the hourly intervals (eg 120 hours to post every 5 days)
Select an author if you have more than one author on your blog
Select a category for the post
Click Process Articles

That's it you're now ready to sit back and relax as the Content Auto Loader does it work!

Common Question(s)

Q: Is the Content Auto Loader included in my subscription?

A: The WordPress plugin tools are available for monthly and annual members.

Q: Why do I need this plugin?

A: This plugin will allow you to quickly and easily schedule blog posts. You can decide the time frame.

Q: I downloaded the plugin but only see a folder not a zip file. What did I do wrong?

A: Some computers may unzip the contests of zip files automatically. Go back to the download page, right click on the download button and select Download Linked File.

Q: Will search engines know this is auto posted?

A: No. We recommend you schedule enough time between each post. We suggest anything from a day to a couple of days between each post.

Q: Why is the plugin not working for me?

A: Make sure you have activated the plugin by logging in with your account. You must have an active monthly or annual membership.

Q: Can I use this on plugin any site?

A: You can use this on any WordPress site that you personally own.

Q: Can I upload images using the Content Auto Loader?

A: Not at this time, but this may be a feature we add in the future.

Q: Can you help install and configure this plugin for me?

A: We do not currently offer installation services.

Updated on: 22/10/2019

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