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What is the AI Marketing Assistant?

What is the AI Marketing Assistant?

The AI Marketing Assistant is a suite of AI-powered tools designed to simplify your marketing efforts. Built specifically for coaches and consultants, it offers unmatched relevancy and impact.

Getting Started with the AI Marketing Assistant

If you’re just getting started with and want to learn the basics about our AI Marketing Assistant, this guide is for you. Learn about the must-know features and follow the video tutorials to start experiencing what it’s like to work inside the AI Marketing Assistant and how it gives your marketing content superpowers.

What Can the AI Marketing Assistant Do For Me?

- From emails to social posts, video scripts and course curriculums – get intricately created content that resonates with your audience.
- Every piece of content is perfectly aligned with your brand's voice and vision so anything feels and sounds like you.
- Let AI spark ideas you hadn't considered – adding promotional, sales, marketing, or business content to your library.

Here's How to Access the AI Marketing Assistant

Through a Resource Tile:

Select a product of your choice.
Next, download your product to enable the AI Marketing Assistant.
After downloading, find and click the magic wand icon to proceed.
Finally, select a content template to turn your resource into a fresh new asset.

From the AI-Assisted Text Editor

Open your product in the AI-Assisted Text Editor.
Make edits using Ask AI, add in previously downloaded products, or add in your own content.
Choose "Use AI Marketing Assistant" in the right hand tool bar to access templates for your fresh new content.

Available Tools

- Rewrite: Freshen up your content.
- FAQ: Generate common questions and answers.
- Summary: Create concise summaries.
- Captivating Titles: Craft attention-grabbing titles.
- Course Curriculum: Design course outlines.
- Tweet Thread: Create engaging tweet threads.
- Email: Write compelling emails.
- Social Post: Generate social media content.
- Viral Questions: Come up with viral-worthy questions.
- Video Script: Script your videos.
- Market Research: Conduct market analysis.
- TikTok: Generate TikTok content ideas.
- Keywords: Find relevant keywords.

And so much more! Head over to to see all it has to offer.

Common Questions

Are the AI tools available to everyone?
Yes, all members have access to the AI tools.

Do I have to pay extra for the AI tools?
No extra charge. The tools use your credits, costing between 1-5 credits per use.

Do I need to download the tools?
No downloads needed. The tools are fully integrated on our website.

Why is this better than ChatGPT?
Our AI is tailored to your content, style, and tone. No need to learn prompts—we’ve optimized everything for you.

Updated on: 10/07/2024

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