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What is the AI-Assisted Text Editor?

What is the AI-Assisted Text Editor in the AI Playground?

The AI-Assisted Text Editor is a powerful tool designed to make editing your content effortless and efficient. Part of the AI Playground in, this tool leverages advanced AI technology to enhance your writing, ensuring it's clear, concise, and engaging.

How to Access and Use the AI-Assisted Text Editor in

Log into Your Account

- Ensure you have an active subscription and enough credits for editing.

Navigate to the AI Playground

- From the homepage, go to the AI Playground section.

Select the AI-Assisted Text Editor

- Click on the AI-Assisted Text Editor tool to open the editing interface.

4a. Access Your Previously Created Products

- Choose a product from the list.
- Click on the AI-Assisted Text Editor icon to the right of any product.
- Make your edits, use Ask AI or any additional AI tools to customize your content.

Two Other Ways to Access and Use the AI-Assisted Text Editor

4b. Use the AI-Assisted Text Editor with Your Products

- Go your product downloads.
- Click on the AI-Assisted Text Editor icon to open it into the editor.

4c. Add Your Own Text

- Paste or type the text you want to edit into the AI-Assisted Text Editor.
- The AI-Assisted Text Editor supports various text formats.

How to Edit in the AI-Assisted Text Editor

Use Ask AI to Make AI-Assisted Updates

- Select from the range of editing options such as rewriting, clarifying, shortening, expanding, and more.
- Use AI suggestions to enhance, update, or completely rewrite your text.

A Few of the Available Options

- Rewrite: Enhance and rephrase your sentences for better clarity and impact.
- Continue: Generate additional text based on your existing content.
- Clarify: Make complex ideas easier to understand.
- Shorten: Condense lengthy passages without losing meaning.
- Expand: Add more detail to your text.
- Format Transcript: Organize transcribed text into readable content.
- Create Bullets: Convert paragraphs into bullet points for better readability.
- Find Quote: Locate relevant quotes to support your content.
- Create CTAs: Craft compelling calls to action.
- Fix Spelling and Grammar: Automatically correct errors.
- Suggest Headline: Generate catchy and relevant headlines.
- Change Tone: Adjust the tone to suit different audiences.
- Translate: Translate your text into multiple languages.

Export Your Edited Text

- Once you're satisfied with the edits, save your document in your preferred format (DOCX, HTML, or PDF).

Tips for Maximizing the AI-Assisted Text Editor

- Experiment with Options Try different editing features to find the best improvements for your content.
- Maintain Authenticity Use the tool to enhance your voice and style without compromising your unique perspective.
- Regular Updates Regularly edit and refine your content to keep it fresh and engaging.

For more detailed guidance on using the AI-Assisted Text Editor, visit the Playbook or reach out to our support team for assistance.

Updated on: 10/07/2024

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