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How many credits do I need?

The typical member uses 96 credits per month. Of course, your needs depend on your business goals and plans.

Starting a membership site or want to publish several courses this year? You'll benefit the most with 800 - 1,500+ credits.

Just need a few articles and eBooks every now and again? 50 - 100 credits would work.

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Credit Options

Pay-As-You-Go - If you only want a handful of PLR resources, then Pay-As-You-Go credits are a great option since credits do not expire and there is no subscription. However, the cost per credit is higher than the monthly and annual plans.

Monthly Plan - If you want to have more flexibility, but you're not ready to commit to an annual plan, the monthly plan is a great option. Credits are just $0.99 each, plus you will unlock access to the Content Marketing Tools. Also, credits automatically rollover as long as you have an active subscription.

Annual Plan - This offers the best value to download all the content you need. Credits are as low as $0.40 each, plus you unlock the content marketing tools.

Members-Only Credits - When you are an active monthly or annual member, you also get a greatly discounted rate on purchasing additional credits. These additional members-only credits do not expire, even if you cancel your monthly or annual plan.

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Updated on: 21/10/2019

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